November 18, 2020

Hello Maplephiles,

My friends and I went up north this past weekend. We all got tested twice for COVID in order to go and I was happy to find out I am virus free. We watched a ton of sports, but one of the fellas wanted to watch Wedding Crashers. For those of you with a good memory, I have a particular fondness for this film. I probably have seen it 20 times and I laugh every single time.

What isn't funny is that we are closing again by order of the government. COVID is going nuts, so I understand that action needs to be taken. However, not one case of COVID has been traced to a movie theater in the entire world. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it is actually a fact. But gyms and salons get to remain open? It makes zero sense to me, but we will be closed until further notice.

Ruth's Ramblings...
So, here we go again. I feel like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. Thank you to everyone who did attend a film during our short re-opening. It was nice to see your masked faces and watch a movie together. Hopefully, the closure won't be as long this time. If you haven't yet done so, please visit to tell legislators that you request action to save local movie theatres. And please tell your friends. Together, we can urge Congress to keep movie theatres alive until they can reopen.

I want to let you know what we will be doing.

    - CURBSIDE SALES On Fridays and Tuesdays between 12pm and 4 pm, we will be selling curbside popcorn and gift cards. Just pull up at the theater doors between these hours. This begins this Friday, November 20th, 2020.

    - MAPLE GIFT CARD PROMOTION If you purchase Maple Gift Cards with a value of $50 or more, we will give you a complimentary family bag of popcorn (value of $15).

    - POPCORN You can purchase one of our regular size popcorn buckets at regular prices and/or a Family Size bag at $15. Both Classic and Poppin' Olive will be available.

    - Maple Gift Cards will also be available by emailing us at Make sure to include your NAME and PHONE NUMBER so someone can call you to take care of the sale. We will then be happy to mail the gift card(s) to you or to the recipient. Please allow at least 48 hours for a return call.

What have you been watching at home recently? I have been watching Netflix. I've enjoyed The Queen's Gambit. Yesterday, I started the 4th season of The Crown
(I really like this series). I am also watching The Undoing on HBO. Please send your suggestions and favorites to me at

("Now your moment of Zen")


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